Monday, March 3, 2014

CHAPTER TWO, continued: DENIAL: December 2009

Please begin reading my divorce memoir from the beginning.

December 31, 2009—New Year’s Eve

Seafood Feast.
We just had to do our traditional dinner on New Year’s Eve. We established it during the Y2K scare ten years ago and it has stuck this long. We have crab and shrimp, grilled salmon and tilapia and all the trimmings. Kate took a picture of her plate with her cell phone and sent it to her friends. When the ball dropped on Times Square, she sent a text to her friends out west that read, “I have seen the future and it is good.” (It was only 10:00 out there.)

In 1999, we wanted our teenagers to stay at home in case something catastrophic happened when the clocks turned over to 2000. We had seafood, dessert, non-alcoholic champagne to bring in the new year, and spent time in the hot tub, all together. Times like that are joyous to me.

That year it had snowed and Kelsie climbed out of the hot tub, grabbed a sledding disc and ran up our little hill—in her bathing suit—and jumped on the sled heading down the hill. She ran back to the hot tub and climbed back in. It was so funny. She was only ten. Good times.
Now she’s married and will be heading back to college tomorrow, along with everyone else. Time marches on. Another year. Lord, what will it bring?

But I am grateful for all I have: wonderful children, a beautiful house—my dream house—lots of precious friends and extended family. We have our health. My husband has a good job and so do I. And we just celebrated the anniversary of the birth of our Savior.

I am so grateful, Lord, for all Thou hast given us. Please continue to bless us.

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